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3 gift market is on the rise

    in recent years due to the impact of the economic crisis, there has been limited to the development of the industry, gift industry relative to other industries has its own characteristics and dependent, collapse of domestic SMEs growing wind, straining the company cost procurement, indirectly affect the development of gifts and sales. Some gift enterprises at the end of last year with exports has received overseas orders less than in previous years, 30%, facts show that focuses on promotional gifts, benefits Gifts Gift enterprise, OEM export award, received a heavy blow. Have to take turns doing domestic, small group, joining into the retail initiative to combat the crisis, find a way out.

    gift of the particularity of the crisis however also reflects its unique advantages and different, different positioning agency or group of enterprises, some clear product positioning home talk about the present situation, or aimed at the high end of luxury gifts had not been greatly affected, to some extent, but on the rise. A business lifeline directly influenced the development of products and product positioning, in the economic crisis, three types of gifts still showed an upward trend of development.

    first class, with its unique brand of luxury goods and positioning, high-end luxury goods, brands often snare a number of excellent top designers in the industry, material quality and specifications of the product, the idea has a strict definition, but also consumer audience is quite narrow, primarily in some of the higher spiritual and cultural needs of the society, relatively affluent middle class or above. Crystal accessories such as shiluohuashiqi, LV, the world's top brands, such as, or made in China and jade ornaments, high-end business gifts. Generally is for peer to peer marketing, is not aimed at a broad audience advertising or laying in the conventional media channels generally are given on a small appreciation, and brand stores or purchasing. In people's tastes, knowledge structure and more mature development of the current society, luxury goods and developed countries there is still a big gap, destined to have a long road of development. So, to sum up luxury on the impact of the economic crisis is much smaller than the conventional business gifts and promotional items.

    type II creative gifts, as the Yuan appreciation, economic crisis and other factors, China is no longer the world's largest exporter of manufacture processing, India. South America's labor cost more under the country is gradually engulfed China's market share. Only by the lack of added value the cheap labour force supplies has gradually lost its core competitiveness, by contrast, domestic demand is already saturated. How to send or introduce clear positioning and higher value-added creative supplies is a small gift practitioners another idea.

    and creative life supplies in gift industry of category and can is divided into roughly three items, first is creative electronic gift, they most to Trolltech of styling and design for bridge paragraph relies on in life supplies in the, this class products positioning main in white-collar and young fashion a family, they in this class products of purchase Shang are belongs to feelings consumption, consumption motivation more for lover section, and birthday or on life pursuit fine or was products of design by moved, In dozens of market prices of such products to thousands of Yuan, also belong to the category of young people, which can effectively alleviate the job and environmental pressures, regardless of whether the economic downturn, will not be greatly affected.

    last is creative home supplies, this class products General is to Europe Breeze or day Han wind of home furnishings products for led of creative life products, as storage box, shelf, lamp, vase,, is about grade and life pursuit of young white-collar or middle-class favored of object, these products will practical and artistic perfect combined, cut unique itself of brand value, price and quality also than General of home life products stable, Economic crisis affect the fluctuation will not be too great.

    third class are not affected is environmentally friendly household products, bedding and tableware such as practical, belonging to the people's daily life essentials, also in the context of its low price in the gift industry, can be used as distributed companies benefits the bottom line benefits, to sum up two points, affected by the economic crisis is not very large.


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