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Creative gift set off a great orgasm

    catch gift opportunities to help you make a better market, currently the gift industry showed the following characteristics: small companies very much, because of the gift industry is relatively low barriers to entry, small company involvement in the gift industry is particularly high, competition is fierce. And most of the gift company is essentially a trade, according to customer needs through suppliers, to provide users with product, a product came out, probably after changing hands several times, to get to the end customer in hand, hidden in added costs. Gift industry of products type increasingly increased, so professional of, and personality of, and only of creative gift custom also will became future gift industry development of a direction, products launched requirements new, and odd, and fast, gift is sent people of, sent people of while to can attract people, let people produced curious sense, so products must to has features, update speed must to fast, to in competition opponents zhiqian preemption market.

    gift economy have been a growing number of people think it's a market "big cake". Business entrepreneurship, young people often express affection through gifts, gifts-supplies business.

    creative gifts is the carrier of emotions, is focused on gifts and Memorial aspects of the special custom gift, original, unconventional. Different creative gifts are tailor-made for different emotions. China is a State of ceremonies since ancient times, "reciprocity" "impolite not to reciprocate" is a vivid portrayal of the Chinese culture, people every thing will first meet, reunion, birth and death, new homes built, the company opened and taken a wife marry ... ... Gifts, China can be said to have infiltrated all areas of consumption. This, especially in creative gifts show the best and most fierce.

    emotion creating opportunity

    holiday gifts help maintain people's feelings, invite family and friends to celebrate birthday, Valentine's day lovers souvenirs, Western Christmas, mother's day, father's day, children's day ... ... Holiday Memorial for people maintaining emotions becomes very important. With traditional cups, frames, bracelets, necklaces and other gifts than in recent years, a number of cleverly designed original creative product internally by consumers, such as DIY homemade color-changing cups, photo puzzle, and talk of a digital flower, plant mini Angel ornaments, DIY floral gifts. An ordinary items through DIY digital emotion packed, it becomes very, very precious gift, which in turn creates bright emotions.

    risk for information

    the gift industry is a relatively new industry in China, with the development of reform and opening up, more and more intense competition among domestic industries, companies in order to attract customers, through various promotions.


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