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Creative gifts leading the new market trend

    modern market more and more attention to tap the potential of consumer demand, gift industry, too, set off personal creative gifts on the market by a large number of consumers of all ages.

    rookie led the creative gifts of new grade

    at home, always marry him this link. Since ancient times, Chinese people believe in food for the day, the commonly used food to auspicious, so the return to traditional wedding candy, gift cakes, through the sharing of sweets to share new delight.

    but with the level of socio-economic development, greater emphasis on pursuit of culture. Today's wedding gift, focusing on showing the unique cultural value of taste and elegance, especially in conjunction with the gift of creativity and meaning is growing in popularity. Some neat custom small tableware, handkerchiefs, embroideries, perfumes, drinks appear in the wedding scene. Near the end of the wedding ceremony, the couple will distribute prepared gifts for friends and family to express thanks to the guests.

    "token", health and fashion

    statements in the Huangdi neijing "day three of grate cooler, dense hair". When these two words together, you could this unnatural? That nature is the aroma of comb.

    according to ancient Chinese tradition, symbolizes love, "token" is a comb. In ancient times in China, sent a comb laid down for life, to grow old with you means. Wood comb fine and give off a faint, not only as a witness of love and the health value of science. The gifts exhibition in Shenzhen, Anhui weifu similar wood specializes in providing the gift custom services amounted to dozens of homes.

    home gifts tender and warm

    according to the relevant bodies of research data shows that first-tier cities, widespread exceptions to the population in the North of the city's population of about 40%; more than two or three cities share at 25%.

    people drift away from her parents in a foreign land and pay more attention to the feelings. Older people as they grow older the body running slow the decline in quality of sleep. For example, foot bath, home products, improve sleep quality and efficacy of products became the parents of major gifts. Yigema, yilian, Golden number, stately, Leah and other textile cleaning company with high quality custom products to dress, greatly enrich the choice of buyers.

    creative gift always caught the eyes of the consumer, tremendous market opportunity.


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