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Do you know these 10 gift-giving occasions

    calendar gift in life is mundane, and when not to speak on holidays. People living in society, and people interact, and process of communication, it has its own good things to share, so, there has been a gift, received the gifts of others, naturally to reciprocate because reciprocity is the Chinese nation's tradition, then, under what conditions, gifts do we need? That is what gift giving occasion? Small series of gift-giving occasions are listed now share it with you:

    personal gift-giving occasions:

    housewarming: High House, move to China, this is a joyous event, friends and family need to gift congratulated.

    promotion and pay rise rites: a promotion, a rich man, "too proud Horseshoe light," others in congratulating you.

    graduation, respectively: students read several years at the time of departure, not to each other free photo album, and some encouraging words, showing treasure of pure and sincere friendship, nostalgia for the past good times.

    sympathy gifts: silently in the most difficult places for those dedicated people, we always give more respect, whenever the year holidays coming, there will be a lot of people carrying gifts to cheer, expressed admiration, then bringing gifts are daily necessities and food, is sympathy in nature.

    wedding: when you heard friends and family are going to have the wedding news, you will feel happy. In best wishes at the same time, you want to give a gift, express their feelings, such gifts, gifts are more than festive.

    birthday birthday gift: meet the birthday or age, friends and relatives full, toast, as well as to send birthday gifts, send good wishes.

    your child: auspicious day drop, XI Lin, from now on after, successors will be able to enjoy the happiness, which is one of life's great rejoicing, deserves congratulations.

    examination: "wedding night, when candidates" for students who often grueling study, and finally pass the examination, is certainly worth celebrating.

    dinner invitations: when invited by the House, would inevitably have to bring a gift, such as food, liquor or specialty, in order to be invited to express gratitude in return for peace of mind.

    by grace: "dripping grace, when animals are", when he was the well, such as: the autobiography, by gift, express their gratitude.

    aware of these 10 gift-giving occasions, will be of great help to your daily life, you see these gifts you still worried about these issues?

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