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Do you know these 4 custom gift?

    customized gift is becoming a trend, gifts made to order to achieve different objectives for different purposes, with customized characteristics are different. General gift of customized according to customer requirements, gifts can be divided into four main categories: the gifts, benefits, gifts, promotional gifts, business gifts.

    Conference gift

    gift of the Conference refers to government agencies or enterprises for a variety of meetings, anniversary celebration or in recognition of the year of the gift. General Conference gift recipient objects for internal staff and VIP or corporate groups, in addition to meeting, Conference organizers also hope to take this opportunity to express the concerns and wishes of the participants. Recipients are participants in activities or events, determined according to the needs and the demands of participants of the Conference gifts. Memorial gifts and warm meeting may be divided into three categories.

    (1) in anniversary gift: mainly used for shop opening, anniversary celebration, ceremony and other events. It make celebrations more grand, heighten the atmosphere of celebration, so that more people remember the celebration, gratitude celebrations, is a celebration of emotional expression vectors. Hope is not only a simple souvenir for participants, and can also be used in practical daily life at the time.

    (2) recognition Conference souvenirs: mainly used for conferences, annual awards for advanced character recognition. Mainly within employee feedback system-oriented, pays homage to the intimate and practical souvenirs at the top. Because take-home souvenirs is ultimately recipients.

    (3), Business souvenirs: mainly used in forums, seminars, thanks, close relationships, consolidate relations. Seminars or meetings for the high-end open high-end learning, participants for the professionals in the same field, make such souvenirs should focus on quality and practicality.

    welfare gift

    gift welfare, also known as welfare, welfare refers to enterprises or groups of enterprises, promotion of cultural activities within the internal relationships, enhance employee loyalty, or into the internal corporate culture to understand when to use the gift. Recipient for internal staff, expressing gratitude and love. Welfare gift depending on the different uses, can also be divided into holiday gift, general welfare and welfare gift.

    (1) holiday benefits gifts: a traditional holiday gift to employees, holiday sympathies to retired employees is also a regular thing. Such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and sent moon cakes, send zongzi of Dragon Boat Festival. The gift focuses on food or household goods, care staff have to pay attention to every detail, it is different from other gift, but rather hard year the value of one of the employees.

    (2) general welfare gift: this is why we often say that the narrower benefits. Mainly used for internal staff to engage in corporate culture, enhance cohesion, enhance loyalty and enthusiasm of the staff's welfare. The practical needs of this type of gift is the most obvious, the most common goods as long as practical features can welfare.


    promotional gifts refer to enterprises to promote products, increased sales, brand, enhance brand loyalty and consumer gift. Recipients for the consumers of their products or services; to promotions, value-added, brand communication for the purpose; demand for customized gift of expressive or convincing, obviously.

    according to the different promotional purposes to be achieved, promotional gifts and can be divided into advertising gifts, gifts, loyalty gift. (1) advertising gifts: mainly used in the branding of the product pre-sale, product promotion, marketing activities information dissemination of promotional gifts. The relatively high value of such gifts, but good communication display, will fully and accurately show the brand philosophy, and convenient for mass distribution. Advertising fans, advertising towels, umbrellas are a good advertising gifts.

    (2) buy gifts: during the process of sale of products or services, promotional products sales, along with products or services offer a promotional gift to consumers. The relevance of this gift and promotional product better, and attractive, exotic and unusual, targeted to consumers and potential consumers, often dovetail with marketing activities. For example, when you purchase a brewed beverage, distribution characteristics of water glass set of 5 types, need to buy five packets of the beverage can collect a set. This product sales has played a good role in promoting.

    (3) integral gifts: integral gift uses are not extensive and the rise of just two years. Mainly enterprises in order to promote products and increase consumer loyalty and the establishment of a points system, consumers buy products or service is integral gift points earned in Exchange for gifts. Such gifts can be selected by consumers, and higher requirements on brand and practicality of the gift, gift value range has a wide distribution. Such as credit score gifts, banks score higher the more practical the gift, relative value, more attractive to consumers in order to receive these gifts, and select the line of credit card spending.


    corporate gifts refer to enterprises or groups to conduct business exchanges with foreign activities, strengthen collaboration and contact with gifts. Business gift recipients for external businesses and individuals or groups, based on mutual assistance, cooperation, win-win target, values and cultural needs is more obvious. According to the different segments demand, business gifts can be further broken down into iconic gifts, gift of communication II.

    (1) iconic gifts: mainly used for display and promotion of the brand image, significant foreign activities of business gifts as well as symbolic gifts. This kind of gift to groups for a group gift form, focusing on the corporate philosophy with image display. Logo business gifts do not need to consider the gift recipient needs, but with a strong corporate gifts custom features. Such as to make a product a gold model, jade seal inscribed with a group logo and so on. (2) the gift of communication: this is what we mean by narrow business gifts. Mainly used in everyday business situations, and to enhance the relationship between giver and recipient and emotional business gifts, recipients are mainly for business partners. Custom focusing this type of gift recipients, expressed respect and care, focusing on demand for individual gifts the recipients, more elegant and practical gift will be welcome, such as red wine, teapot, tea, calligraphy and painting.


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