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Gift industry needs innovation

    contemporary new factors to the social development needs of the industry, need to join the spirit of innovation, not only positive trend for the future, but also more keen powers of observation, innovation first, so as to make the gift industry develop faster and better. Product innovation marketing in your marketing is always to remain active on.

    creative gifts, but also to professional creative services

    services, but did not have much gift companies make money because of the service. Innovative products remains a gift colleagues pursue, leading home textile yilian silk bedding, borrow games the tide of Asian gifts, a brand licensed licensed products ... ... Shenzhen gifts show is a stage, gifts can always find yourself excited by his colleagues new and exotic products.

    around innovative products, gift industry innovation show that it can. Sales channel has its share of innovations, backward integrated marketing Conference, the depth distribution of basic rules and gift industry's "relationship" philosophy of integration, the achievements of the many national gift carrier. Through gift shops, network, directory, and turbulent channel refinement, channel share is also in full swing. Each year, new interpretation and innovation. It is regrettable that. New exotic gift national gift operator, most wide product lines, in order to meet the needs of distribution channels, perhaps set up a systematic research and development system, but the "killer" novelty gifts are rare. Whether the patented product or the licensed products, because of too many "shanzhai" materializes into price competition, particularly competition between upstream and downstream channels. From another point of view, instead of gifts and gift vendors on price and profit margin of the company "haggle" or gift companies need not just to novelty gifts than, and more specialized and innovative services.

    "gift", both benefits gifts, and promotional gifts or business gifts, gifts for Home Affairs, is "convey" purposes. Is purchasing most of the purchasing customer is given under budget constraints, select the most appropriate gift recipient gift, under which gifts are carriers, "emotions" is body no body value shows, the carriers will lose value in formal competition; no carrier support, ontology is hard to completely reflect the two promote each other. Once models are gifts in the form of novelty, to some extent, this pattern reflects the gift of "surprise". In fact, gifts can be in the form is consistent, as long as "cute messages" are personal, can fully meet the intrinsic requirements of gift giving. Therefore, the gift industry needs not only new unique gift, and more specialized and innovative services.

    unique novelty, and constant innovation

    gift industry has always been in the forefront of innovation, but to stick, because innovation is not immediately before the long-term effects, but continued efforts to see hope.

    according to the classification of the Oslo manual for innovation, innovation can be classified into four categories: product innovation, process innovation, organizational innovation, marketing innovation. Obviously, it is the internal process innovation, organizational innovation, optimization and improvement works in place can be fine-tuned to take advantage of however, process innovation is line oriented, highly developed in the gift industry outsourcing cases, this type of innovation is also outsourced to manufacturers. Organizational innovation in the gift industry is not uncommon, because gift company is not very large, hundreds of people have been very large, the limited space of the organization. So, gift industry is marketing and product innovation are more common.

    product innovation from research and development investment. In General, the effect of the enterprise's current investment in research and development could not immediately show it, the so-called r "lag" effect. Some lag time is long, short lag time. Through calculating the data, found that pharmaceutical companies investment in research and development and investment in research and development after 7 years of enterprise sales income of the most relevant correlation coefficient up to 0.997. So, gift industry investment in research and development of "lag" effect? No precise statistical analysis and research, estimates should be 3-5. Therefore, product innovation need to stick, you need 3-5 input persisted.

    new marketing innovation from the customer, from insight to customer needs. A few years ago, because of the gift industry is underdeveloped, 100,000 gift company is the core role in the whole industry chain and gift company's demand is the biggest demand, therefore, mostly around the gift company and marketing innovation. Today, the gift industry is relatively mature, insight that customers need should move forward, grasp of the purchasing needs of customers and gift recipients became present and future focus of the marketing venture. Of course, lead the industry, requires not only the vision of judgment more needed on the development direction of the firm.

    innovation need to adhere to is not only the effectiveness of innovation needs to be reflected, more innovation is needed to break once "bottle cans." And flowing, without the considerable courage to tell once the core competencies, enterprises cannot realize innovation.

    to professional, more to poor alienation

    from client see, unified procurement is not fixed locations unified distribution ceremony gifts, this is a great of challenge; on gift company, and gift suppliers,, is specified time will ceremony gifts sent to customer specified locations, is a great of challenge; in a system Xia, whole value chain type, client is many of individual, procurement customer, and Gifts, gift suppliers is to send a gift, but not "feeling" delivered. Why can't more dimensions and more diversified, more sharing of gifts while "love" also arrive?

    in industry in big development Zhiji, integration of operation more is advantage, Hou to integration can better to promoted depth points pin, certainly, purchased electric, and network, and directory and with newspaper for regional marketing, should are can conducive to market of expanded; while, integration can more effective to reduced cost, on products development and design of optimization, on products and quality of put control, can in guarantee quality of premise Xia as reduced cost, To ensure the gifts each link of the supply chain profit margins.

    and development maturity requires specialization in the industry, more specialization on the basis of differentiation. Industry matures, specialization based on differences is the best strategic option. Household electrical appliance industry is a relatively mature industry in our country, with one of the core competence of manufacturing used to be Hale, when the industry matured, Haier has taken outsourcing manufacturing. Essence is a mature industry development driven by competition, mature industry links are facing a large number of competitors, "Wolves" will certainly be killed a "Tiger". Of course, to monopolize the resources existing in the industry chain of control, which is another matter.


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