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Handicraft method and technique of maintenance

    wood carving handicraft product is belongs to a kind of high-end crafts, it is not like any other ordinary crafts can be random, and its maintenance is also very particular about! The only way to make it as you are!

    first, handicraft is the most afraid of the Sun, so the place must not be placed in direct sunlight, or over time may cause cracking. If homes have a upscale wooden sculpture, you can put it in the living room of furniture, guaranteed not to place by the Sun.

    second, the handicraft items should not be placed in a very damp places. In a very humid environment, some wood for material reasons, President of the "Mao" has gone mouldy. Many people buy wood or root carving handicraft, like wipe with a damp cloth. If you regularly take a wet cloth, water deep into the wood, gradually will damage the wood, so clean with a dry cotton cloth or a feather duster to dust on the wood carving handicraft product, if you find handicraft gloss is bad, you can use a brush to Polish wax-coating on the surface of wood carving handicraft product, wipe it with a rag and polishing. Or wipe with a fabric containing wax or oil.

   , of course with a cotton towel dipped in some walnut oil and gently rub on the surface of wood carving handicraft product also can achieve the desired results. In fact, from worry about clean, keep the wood the original state, the best method is to use the glass over wood carving handicraft product and put a little glass of water in the enclosure.


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