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Relive classic new gift concept

    hot relive classic in recent years, many consumers are also willing to enter this market, gift market are stable and fast growth trend, but still faces great challenges. In this context, planning concept of gift products have become the major manufacturers pursued marketing trends. And in some ways, concept of gift products need to be able to lead the trend of consumption, to meet consumer demand.

    has stopped the flow of the old currency, there is still value, has more room for appreciation. Variety coins year after doubling prices 10 Olympic coin banknotes up to 5000 Yuan 86 wall 1 set value of 150,000, coin collection against inflation "safe haven". Send a collectible gift, absolutely makes the friend enthusiasts of all ages, face lit up with pleasure.

    has a rereading of yellowed newspaper value. In the 50 's to the 90 's, the people's daily and the liberation daily, the Wen Wei Po ', the Guangming daily, Ta Kung Pao and other have had precious memorable, currently sold on the market is the best of the 70 's and 80 newspapers, because these people have spending power, but also trendy. Birthday received a birthday gift, turned out to be the birth of the newspaper, learn about their birth country, world events, the feeling is very innovative. " Plus or fancy or plain packaging, the "daily" is not expensive but tasteful, understated but very precious, loved by the recipient, ingenuity, selection for gifts.

    and so on, discover the gift of an object concept, successful gift wrap, expanding the gift market margins. Like the upcoming mid-Autumn Festival holiday gift market in market areas of consumer psychology is very worthy of study, context must be combined with the consumer in the course of the study, dialysis was buried in consumer motivation behind consumer behavior and psychology, gift for mining opportunities in the consumer market, fencing for the enterprise market with strategic thinking and tactical support.

    others have not thought of, do what others have done, your opportunities for success is made.


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