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The meaning of Valentine's day for lovers of chocolate

    Valentine chocolates are meaningful, and for a variety of tastes with chocolate, there are many versions of the color! Chocolate delicious full-bodied, supple texture, fragrance in the Ethereal, deep feeling of love making chocolate festive holidays and romantic days most popular gift. People pass chocolate family, friendship, love of sweet feelings and wishes. All tastes with the color of chocolate, there are many versions, mainly in the following areas:

    black and bitter chocolate.

    lovers on your behalf: you subjectively feel the lover can be hard work, can rely on partner and lover's strong personality, independent opinion, all these advantages is that you hope to learn from each other. You will treasure this.

    on behalf of the lover you: think you are mysterious and unfathomable fantasies where you've been carrying a lot of debt, hoping that they can do the one who saved you. Basically the other very nerd love you, just be indecisive, do not understand timing.

    milk chocolate.

    on behalf of your lover: lovers feeling very pure, very cleverly, and cherish each other, but find each other as if she does not give milk, a conquered less satisfaction. This feeling less tension of a reactionary, crisis was dumped at any time, to take care of yourself.

    on behalf of the lover you: lovers think you skin smooth, glossy hair, is a sweet little Princess/xiaowangzi, the other side is trying to protect you, as you touch each other great love/love, you can play anywhere, anytime, but be careful idiot: cartoon chocolate.

    on behalf of your lover: lovers feel is both a friend and a partner, your relationship is very likely was developed from classmates, neighbors, and so this love for you, except for love and friendship and kindness, to discard it, will be very painful.

    on behalf of the lover you lover considers you as a child and silently promise – to take care of you in your day. Your innocence and Frank were lovers appreciate the most, and make his/her full trust attitude towards you, do not let each other down: fruit chocolates.

    lovers on your behalf: they are a very loving beautiful, like the decoration and carving things, you will dress up for his lover in order to best please the lovers, in fact, just love the surface of, no depth whatsoever, you wouldn't have too much importance to it?

    on behalf of the lover you think you are protected animals can't get bitter, but you do not appreciate, to independence, lovers aside, play with friends, and to embarrass the lover. Take care each other when cold and will never look back.

    mixed chocolate.

    your lover: a lover scorned and big bucks, you know someone is not only a lover, you are still dead set, as eating sour grapes, but still give you a sentence, things will only.

    on behalf of the love you: love you love, couples no different with others, not sure of yourself in your mind, jealous lover love you, feel you have tied our hands tied, embarrassed, broke up a foregone conclusion.

    traditional chocolate.

    your lovers: your relationship with your lover is feeling deeply kind, you want to do not leave, both economically and emotionally unconditional devotion to each other, but do not know you but hidden deep, sweetheart.

    on behalf of the lover you lover courtesy week to you, from time to time to keep at arm's length with you, this does not mean that love does not love you, just each other too much to respect you, you have no way to start, as long as the relationship, your partner love you deeper day by day.

    crunchy chocolate.

    on behalf of your lover: to treat with a Lovelorn heart, have "let go", but yet it's time because it felt comfortable terms with lover. Praying Mantis carefully Siskin, get dumped in the end is their own.

    on behalf of the lover you: lovers think you straightforward, easy going, but sometimes too soft, easy to bully, but who are not listening to Valentine's advice, make lover to strengthen means to you unknowingly being manipulated. In short you are the enemy.

    white chocolate.

    your lover: the lovers have no idea do you think are advantages disadvantages, advantage is that what ever was also echoed, you had to make use of the slave beast, but there are fears the two as one of life, grow with less experience.

    on behalf of the lover you: Valentine love your refined, not worldly, but very scared after you too squeamish, are trying to leave you, but remember your tenderness is not willing to give up, is now in a dilemma between, all in God's hands.

    flowers and chocolates.

    lovers on your behalf: you're a man, willing to spend for each other, so lovers happy, and happiness is your biggest wish you hope and lover who's consistent, same with sad, but sometimes too much blind his opponent turned into perfect incarnation.

    on behalf of the lover you lover knows how to blog you, keeps you a breeze, perfect for lovers to do not believe, early in my heart as to marry you, but beware the other side showing Fox in the future, it will make you sad: Mahjong chocolate.

    lovers on your behalf: you fight a fight about lover's State of mind, failed to die, but you are in the form of half-joking to hide his true feelings to avoid embarrassment, this gives the other vexing, when to call, TIMING his main work.

    on behalf of the lover you: Valentine love you love you but feel many bad habits after you, after much persuasion, you still turn a deaf ear to infinite disappointment to you, only with prepaid, mocking you from time to time, turns out to be an ill-tempered you call a strip.

    brand of chocolate.

    your lover: the best to a lover, but inexperienced in love, just do some superficial pleasing lover, but don't know what lovers need most is, sometimes there is no pleasing, but perseverance there is a.

    on behalf of the lover you: think you are materialistic, like beautiful things, are worried that they do not meet your requirements, and is unlikely to appreciate you too profligate. But for the love of you, or as far as possible to meet your needs, but hard lover himself.

    handmade chocolate.

    lovers on your behalf: you treat lover as husband or wife, if there are no accidents, you even typhoons blow away. How would you fantasies with lovers often live with care and love, thought would be smiling from ear to ear and happily.

    on behalf of the lover you: Valentine's efforts to do our best, believe that every moment spent with you is the most memorable, and want you to be as good as he, lovers have decided that you are the ideal marriage partners, can rest assured!

    chocolate with toys.

    your lovers: just like chocolate, and your lover is based on having something to eat, love game, perhaps in the development, you want to see it again, so there is no strong feelings, hope everything to good development.

    represent the lover for you: it's having your relationship between lovers and friends, afraid to tell you. If you do not accept they did not even have friends do, so he had to play the temptation in the form of you, as long as you are willing to, is a film that is, and a good partner.

    liqueur chocolates.

    on behalf of your lover: Valentine is a romance expert, beauty like wine, quite captured you, each other to say, you can't say the second, often in the lover's treat called the haunt of the living, make you less a self-esteem, should be taken into account to escape the clutches.

    on behalf of the lover you know you love the challenge and excitement, try a little cold but lovers, lovers sit, hope everyone's feelings can be clarified as soon as possible. But be sure you had the upper hand in relationships, can be assured.

    Mint Chocolate.

    your lovers: do you think lovers know better the life interest, and unrestrained and unruly, is the best lover in the rare event that you wanted, but always think lover is cheating on you, and less of a sense of the ointment.

    on behalf of the love you: your lover's mind is vanguard, willingness to accept new things humans, occupy an important place in lovers heart, but think you are too playful and not qualitative, under very worried, so step by step tracking.


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