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Five steps to develop a viable promotional programme

    step one: clear advertising promotional objectives

    is the enterprise with advertising gift promotional purpose. Advertising and promotional activities is to increase brand awareness, image, is to encourage experimentation, to develop loyalty? Business needs based on customer and market knowledge, combined with specific business goals to determine. Recommendations in accordance with the product life cycle to develop advertising gift goals. Product advertising gift goal to inform brand information, growth should be changed to persuade consumers to use a specific brand, maturity of the advertising gift is intended to serve as a reminder to continue to use a certain brand.

    step two: develop rigorous promotion plan

    to select the right advertising gift promotional means to meet market-specific needs and goals. Planning should not be based on limited experience, using the conventional top-down manner, but should be based on facts, based on income and profit-oriented, using a bottom up approach to preparation, commitment to achieve a win-win situation.

    step three: correct implementation of advertising gift promotional planning

    and advertising gifts manufacturers, sales teams and distributors to work together and ensure the effective implementation of the advertising gift promotional program. In arranging advertising budgets, enterprises need to determine the most effective levels of advertising gifts. Advertising gifts should be considered for coverage of target audience; to consider cost when choosing advertising gifts, select target audience coverage is high and every cover as far as possible the relative low cost of advertising gifts message should try to meet the needs of different customers. Promotion budget arrangements should be from the bottom up and profit-oriented. To ensure that manufacturers and advertising gifts, sales force and distributors to establish partnerships with strict standards, achieve goals, alignment.

    step four: advertising gift promotional content rationalization set

    advertising gift promotions to build and strengthen the product positioning and advertising theme in the main interests for the purpose of, and should be avoided in the different topics in advertising gifts (or there is no theme, just have a LOGO), which is a very important point. Similarly, a clear advertising gift promotional campaign, can highlight the brand's creative advantage.

    step five: advertising gift promotional effectiveness monitoring and evaluation

    to specific quantitative criteria used to evaluate advertising gift promotional effect and impact, and in accordance with the monitoring and assessment of the results of future advertising gift promotional activities must be improved and perfected. In this context, close cooperation with the market research company, jointly evaluate the effectiveness of advertising gift promotional activities.

    is to followed above five a steps, is because this according to market specific situation, and to facts for according to of advertising gift promotions method has two points benefits: one, it forced market marketing combination in of each a a part are can achieved specific of market marketing target; second, it consider to has different advertising gift in market in the of different location, and it and its competition opponents in advertising gift promotions activities aspects of difference. In short, companies in these five areas can improve the effectiveness of its advertising gift promotional, and bring good results so as to improve their business performance.

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