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How to choose a glass crafts

    glass, now is more and more popular. With its unique brilliance and color brought Visual enjoyment, many companies see it as an upscale business gifts to senior customers. As the gift of high-end products, glass began to gradually into individual households, became a favorite hobby-grade decoration. Then, the glass how to choose it? What kind of glass is beautiful, delicate?

    glass category:


    ancient glass, as represented by the ancient Yue Tian Gong Fang, China glaze, traditional Chinese glass manufacturing process, in accordance with its unique material formulations and manufacturing process, combined with the rich heritage of classical Chinese culture and art, Reproduce the style of China's glass industry 2,496, contemporary classical works include: produced by Prince Gong's mansion, Beijing's "first blessing" and more "stream Li" series (Beauty's tears, hero of the soul). Product features: extremely high standards for material and workmanship, styling has a strong national characteristics.


    Taiwan glass, glass art evolved from the West, the process based on [Pate-de-verre], emphasis on the aesthetic value of a single product, glass material texture and modelling aesthetic combination, the safest "open Chinese glass of the world", "contemporary glass art in a new direction", The product has high aesthetic value, combined with Chinese traditional culture and folk custom rustic.


    water glass, Crystal synthesis chemical raw materials such as rubber, synthetic resin-like glass products, is characterized by low cost and technical content, ease of mass production, product quality and real glass there is an obvious gap.

    glass appreciation:

    1. appreciate the lighting effects, especially the thickness and color of the refraction of light at different angles, showing a solid Visual effects;

    2. appreciating the natural flow of color, admire the glass she cake Fei in revealing the natural beauty of

     3. monochrome glass presents a clear, translucent textures, different shades of color of glass works by flow describes the creation of diverse languages.

    4. the transparent glass, not too plain is too bright, must have certain differences of level and smooth finish, otherwise it will lose its beauty of the dynamic vitality;

    5. feel the overall shape and color, beauty and the perfect combination of creative ideas and bring the beauty of artistic conception;

    6. From a process perspective on culture contained in glass (non-custom) and structural characteristics;

    7. lost-wax casting process determines there are no two exactly the same glass works, carefully taste different glaze color flow, you will find various conceptions.

    conservation of glass:

    1. no impact or friction to move to avoid surface scratching.

    2. maintain room temperature, avoiding placed under high temperature and humid, or on its own for heating or cooling.

    3. smooth plane, should not be placed directly on the desktop, it is best to have pads.

    4. should be wiped with pure water, if using tap water, to net for 12 hours or more, keep the glass surface gloss and translucent, and cannot be stained with grease, such as foreign bodies.

    5. avoid contact with sulfur, chlorine gas and other so as not to undergo chemical changes.

    why are there bubbles in the glass? Bubble: is it inevitable?

    due to off la looks forward to made method more with in the asked (about 900 degrees) sintering, dang glass pulp into die Shi, like magma slowly into and produced bubble, at glass for thick heavy-like, glass fast between gap formed of bubble easily floating, so has bubble, this belongs to normal phenomenon, certainly, bubble is designers expression its design concept of a form, part mean bubble in works in the of remains is glass works of features, has foreign artist on said: " Bubbles is the breath of glass "bubbles in the glass are not related.

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