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Gift of common sense

How to give customers gifts?

    a lot of people believe that gifts are mainly to thank customers, and consolidate and strengthen the company have had a good relationship with the customer. A recent survey showed that in the gift business gift company in 47% answer is "effective" or "very effective", while the 39% of the company, at least "a little effect", found to be the only 2% gift is unhelpful. Customers are our bread and butter and presents, of course not without a customer.

   , gifts are divided into several types:

    1, utility-type: pens, books, ties, wallets, perfumes, lighters, various rackets such as the most commonly used, understand customer preferences, personalities, and catering. Customers are easier to accept, you can slowly build a good relationship.

    2, device type: desk calendar, Maneki Neko (similar mascot of the cattle, sheep), "crystal device" and so on. Such gifts do not have much practical and economic value, and does not leave a deep impression to the customer. List of key stage, this type of gift is free now!

    3, token type: transportation card (full value, of course), mobile phone recharge cards, various supermarket vouchers such gifts benefit goes without saying, send, take benefits! Is a rare good thing!

    4, luxury-type: watches, luxury gifts and other such gifts, see business to hand, not at hand when? However, remember that must touch the customer's "origin", or send is also white.

    er treat gifts of mind, customer analysis:

   -1, good face: such clients felt someone send him things, unique face in front of family and friends. Take note that hand-me-down to be able to take it out.

    2, value: this type of customer is the boiled dumplings in a teapot – heart on the line, and still affordable.

   -3, took the opportunity to lay eggs: the equivalent of these dinners of business, this customer is more difficult, is not not not. However, advise you to try to meet it, but his request is not exorbitant. This type of person you don't get this list do you hard!

    4, Lions open: this class is a key figure in the list, well, usually would like to send you all get a chance to send, don't run!

    third, the ways and means to send gifts:

    1, directly to the company for himself

    2, through the Secretariat or the front desk (of course pay attention to packaging, not gone OH)

    3, express! (Also note that packaging)

    4, some customers sit out, and sent

    5, close relationships and trust with the customer on behalf of a third party to send this in several ways, size based on the value of gifts, character levels, critical considering the use was not a standard practice, in short, a principle: customer charge convenience. Also remember that is not sent after this call must express or implied!

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