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Oriental fragrance heritage cultural enjoyment of ancient works of art

    is a look toward the day, annual sweet fair and master of Arts and crafts and fine arts with all expectations, gorgeous staged on September 14, 2012 to 17th in the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

    Expo was designed by the China Arts and crafts society of Technology Branch, China International collectible industry association, Shanghai, China Shanghai international fair organizing Committee, collection, co-organised by Shanghai Trade Association of antique works of art, Shanghai Exhibition blog June Exhibition Service Co Ltd and Shanghai to host.

    annual sweet fair and a master of Arts and crafts and fine arts is the relatively mature brand fair, with a wide range of industry influence and social cognition, are emerging on the international art market, Yu long. According to the organizers, the exhibition the exhibition area of 25000 square meters, now has more than 300 exhibitors are more than encouraged to register to attend the exhibition, including the domestic famous antique city and hobby collectors and many well-known exhibitors at home and abroad, gem-studded, boutique showcase, expected to attract tens of thousands of viewers to find treasure exchanges.

    the exhibition, art medal exhibitors, there are also numerous first joined power collectors. They are located in the Hall, East, XI ping four exhibition area on the first floor, East Pavilion, loving friend from all over, and make for high-end consumers, producers, distributors, offered up a gourmet meal. Platform within the arts and crafts exhibition hall and things more. From fine art in the Hall of Fame, Kai wah Hin, Wan Gen edge, elite antiques and other masters.

    booth Hall and platforms have been sold out, East Hall, second floor Xiang Bo Prefecture booth also left. Catch-all collection of tens of thousands of contests, a wide range of variety is one of the highlights of this exhibition. Si Mutang Aloes Aloes enterprises within the Hall Hall, Taiwan Tao Xi Xiang stack. Dong Yi Xiang Bo in the Pavilion area, there is Yong hetang, Spa fragrance, Taiwan Cheng Ruide Fang Yu Jane Ko, the kindly face of China, and Guangdong and many other well-known brands.

    master boutique exhibition platforms, and miscellaneous pieces of antiques, calligraphy works, porcelain products, jade jewelry, and so on. All in all, strength dotted with exhibitors in the exhibition around "choke points", to the Shanghai hobby collectors to showcase their collections with strong regional characteristics.

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