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Receiving skills, how can accept gifts thank you

    in our daily lives, we can give the gifts of others, others will give us gifts, but giving is very particular about all aspects, not the casual gifts and gratitude is finished. Because gifts and gratitude is thank the giver a sincere recognition, is the full expression of deep feelings. On the other hand, gift of the givers successfully completed tasks and to say thank you.

    in the General case, for an appropriate gift, the recipient should earnestly accept it. Most were lucky to receive gifts, but not everyone is polite to accept someone else's gift. When someone verbally when the gift was announced, regardless of what they are doing, should immediately stop, stand up, facing each other, in order to be prepared.

    each other out gifts, when preparing gift should not reach out and grab, open asked, or eyes stare at them in order to advance. At the moment, keep your virtue. Presenter and gave gifts, as much as possible with both hands to greet them. Not a hand to pick up the gifts, in particular not left alone to pick up the gifts. When he accepted the gifts, don't forget the smile on her face, her eyes looking at each other. Take over if the other party provides the gift list, you should read it again from beginning to end. Formal occasions, recipients using left hand hold good gifts (gift first down), taking the right hand to shake hands with each other to thank. You may praise for the gift, but it is not enough. Took other gifts in both hands at the same time, you should say thanks to each other immediately. "Thank you," three words show that you mention is not the gift itself, but that the move to each other gave you a gift. You can also find some good word, or entertaining vague terms. You can thank the effort it takes to the giver: "you can think I'm too good. "You can thank each other for efforts to buy the right gifts, such as:" you should remember that I collected stamps. "

    to mind your manners when you accept gifts, but don't be refuse, endless said:" humility, humility! "That hurt the giver's feelings, not even for the gift you should also have politely thanked. After you accept the gift, Europeans like in front of your guests, carefully open the gifts to enjoy, from praise to inner packing and saw the gift also will have to praise, even when going to hug you, share the joy of receiving gifts and givers. After enjoying the gifts, they again will be gift wrapped, for them, this is a complete shower etiquette. Upon receiving the gift, and the Chinese are generally not opening the gifts in front of givers, but put them aside for later. This is in order to avoid embarrassment in case of gifts to don't like each other, but also to demonstrate his value each other gifts of mind, instead of sending gifts. Another point is that if different gifts to people of different status, does not open the presents on the spot to avoid comparisons between each other. But this is no longer so rigid. If site conditions permit, plenty of time, few in number, gift wrap, and then received another gift after gift, to the extent possible in the presence of each other, will gift wrap on the spot opened. It said they value each other and also value free gift. At the time of opening, action should be organized, relieve civilization, don't pull, tear, throw away packaging supplies, at this point, the torn wrapping paper is considered rude behavior. But please note that wedding gifts are not opened on the spot.

    to open the package, it should take appropriate actions and language, express your appreciation for the gift. For example, flowers sent by someone else can be held up to smell the flowers and then put it in a vase, and placed in bold if others send a scarf to yourself, you can round the neck, take a look in the mirror and tell the presenter and his presence: "I like its color," or "this scarf is so beautiful." Don't make fun of gift, unless it was a gag gift.

    received a gift after gift, the recipient to reciprocate and to strengthen ties and promote friendship. During the Festival, guests left immediately in return. In the wedding, qualified for the promotion when your birthday gift, should have similar situations, or in other appropriate time rebates.

    said some gifts and thank you is also very particular about the techniques, if inappropriate behavior occurs, that would have screwed the whole atmosphere. Since we received were gifts, even if some details to pay attention to, don't let details destroy the whole thing. So we have to have certain basic knowledge on gifts and thank you, understand each other without awkward situation.

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