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Tasting and wine brands?

    a. Classification of wine

    foreign distilled spirits (the wine) can be classified by manufacturing raw materials of brandy (brandy), whisky (whisky) and rum (rum). Brandy grapes as raw material, if made from other fruit schnapps, then the prefixed name of the fruit in brandy, Apple brandy, cherry brandy, peach brandy and so on.

    whisky malt and grain as raw materials, pure grain whisky is generally not sold, only composed of malt whiskey and blended whiskey may be sold. United States of Bourbon (bourbonwhisky) was mainly with corn as raw materials (maize 51-75%). Sugar cane and rum to grain and honey as raw materials, divided into dark and light types. In addition, there are based on pure alcohol brewed Gin (Gin) and vodka (vodka), Gin for the medicinal plant juniper berries and alcohol and is formed by steam or cold mixing. Vodka, vodka can be divided into pure alcohol (neutral alcohol) and two categories of flavoring vodka.

    distilled representation abroad with Japan producing burn double-fermented wine, liquor awamori and dragons and tequila (tequlia). Burning technology of double-fermented wine and alcohol are the same, wine technology with our xiaoqu liquor awamori is similar, that is semi-solid fermentation, furnishing in the cylinder. Tequila is Mexico unique plant fermentation distilled Tequila, three Tequila unique as few countries producing, not universal.

    II. Wine brands in

    of brandy in France produced the most well-known. France famous Cognac region there are two: one for the Cognac region (coganc) and the other is David Yama City District (Armagnac).

    France wine named origin protection law, only in France the Cognac region after fermentation, distillation and storage of grape distilled spirits in oak barrels can be called cognac, cognac elsewhere also produced grape spirit cannot be called cognac. David Yama Yi used exactly the same grape varieties with cognac, is stored in different ways, Mayi ya in black oak barrels for storage, positioning in the pastoral type of brandy, Cognac is in "Li Desen" storage in oak barrels, positioning in the brandy.

    Cognac brand Hennessy (Hennessy), Remy (remymartin), Martell (Martel), Napoleon (Courvoisier), bisquit (bisquitprvivilege), Royal Louis (loutsroyer), Ogier (angler), Oude (otard) and Golden wine (Camus).

    dry Yi wine, its grade and original wine in oak wood barrels in the storage years of length has directly relationship, dry Yi wine into many grade, from low to high respectively for VS level (age in 4.5 years following of), and VSOP level (age in 4.5 years to 6.5 years Zhijian of), and XO level (6.5 years above of), and EXTRA level,, dry Yi wine storage time more long, quality more good, price more high.

    whisky to Scotland's more well-known, brand sold in the County had johnnicwalker company's red (redlabel) c/.6 "and the black (blacklabel), also produced by Chivas Chivas (Chivas) Royal salute and 12-year old wine, produced by Ballantine Ballantine (ballantines), These unique peat smoked malt scotch technology, markedly different from whiskies produced in other countries.

    III. How to identify the authenticity of the Cognac

    counterfeiting cases on the Chinese mainland are the most serious wine cognac, cognac counterfeiting and is concentrated in the Hennessy, Martell and Remy Martin and other three brands. This is because the three highest brand awareness, quality is good and the price is relatively high. These brand and according to its in oak wood barrels in the storage of years and into many grade, as Xuan Nepal poems has Richard (ichard), and XO, and SOV, and VSOP,, head mayouluyi 13 (louisxill), and extra, and XO, and head horse Super Club, and VSOP, and Samsung vs,, horse dad Lee has XO, and blue with cordonbleu, and celebrities noblige, and VSOP,, these grade of price also by high to low. In the first quarter of 2001, State supervision of liquor and wine, different grades of shopping malls in Beijing and hotels and restaurants are found the fake wine, relatively speaking, hotels, restaurants passing off some more.

    identification of cognac of the more common methods are:

    (1) in accordance with the relevant requirements on wine labels to Chinese identity and health inspection and quarantine, so without Chinese labeling and health inspection and quarantine of wine may be fake.

    (2) authenticity label contours clearly legible and better fake tags illegible, irregular.

    (3) original liquid is golden yellow, translucent; poor alcohol liquid is dark and shiny.

    (4) genuine security cover and the metal cap on the bottle is as a single entity, and the fake security cover is glued on.

    (5) anti-fake label of authenticity can be placed at different angles different pattern transformation, security thread can be torn off; alcohol without security of matte, pattern transformations is not obvious, security lines were sometimes printed on them.

    (6) authentic metal security cover to work closely, plastic clean and tidy, good gloss and bottle of rough, bad plastic material, partial-thickness, gloss bad, trademark vague, bad icing.

    IV. Drink if you can select the appropriate occasion, maintain proper temperature wine, selection of appropriate glass, with a certain dish, you can give full play to the characteristics of the wine, enjoy the fun of drinking.

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