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Valuation of the Jade?

   , of course, the final price is better understand domestic experts.

    color, transparent, uniform and shaped, knock is most people's evaluations on the ornamental or jade and jade are divided into: glass, dark old pit, old, gold, clear oil, pea green, flower blue, green etc. One is for the top grade Jadeite jade, glass, and "water" is very high, good transparency, also known as "ice types", can be described as "glass" treasures. Most of the consumers who purchase bracelets may have such experiences, that is the business going to knock in your bracelet, listen to their voice is clear and does not contain, and to clear and melodious echo is preferred. This jade Crystal is trying to prove good dense texture and no crack.

    1. more charming green more valuable.

    2. transparency: Jadeite internal crystal structure close texture is good, also with high level of transparency, what we call the "glass" is the transparency of Jadeite, as a result of chromium-rich jade itself then forms ice jade, expensive and hard to come by.

    3.-color: Johnson except for the color green, the outside transparent, must also be uniform tone is top grade.

    4. defects: note there is no crack, spot, these flaws will affect the quality of Jadeite.

    5. shape: the majority of Jadeite cabochon oval egg shape, you have several other shapes, shapes and beautiful jade is going to affect the price.

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